Impact through Scale, Scale through Profitability

Puraloop was founded with the mission of eliminating the environmental and social impact of industrial sludge and plastic waste. In pursuit of this mission we are developing the world’s most efficient closed loop treatment solutions. Our goal is a significant, correlated impact on 100 million people and the environment in which our solutions are deployed.


Mission Driven, For Profit

Puraloop is a mission driven, for profit startup. We believe impact is achieved via scale while scale is achieved via profitability, and that taking a stakeholder approach to solving difficult problems can generate large financial returns for shareholders.

In pursuit of this mission, we were one of nine startups globally in the first Laudato Si' Challenge Accelerator, a partnership between The Vatican and Silicon Valley.


Sludge is a leading contributor to China’s heavily contaminated soil, a larger problem for China than either air or water pollution. The resulting crisis, unprecedented in scale, affects the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Desperate to improve the environment, China is creating a US$1.2 trillion environmental services sector, the largest in human history. Puraloop has the opportunity to take a leading role in treating China's industrial sludge, achieving our triple bottom line mission.

Wang Jiuliang  Besieged by waste sludge dumping

500 Students Sick From Industrial Waste Dumped Nearby

A school was built near a closed chemical factory which had been dumping sludge. Within one year three out of four kids were sick, some diagnosed with cancer - soil pollution was 80,000x over the safe limits. This occurred not in a remote industrial town, but at a private international school in a Shanghai suburb.